Steam Trilobite Tank
Gold Medal of Best of Show
RoboGames 2006!

RoboGames 2006 over 300 robots! Some how, I came home
with 2 Gold Medals! The other one was for Steam Walker for Kinetic Artbots.

Details & Info

Engine / Boiler: Cheddar Plover Marine Plant
Chassis: Tamiya 1/16 Tank, metal tracks... heavily hacked
R/C: 2 Channel Futaba
Fuel: Propane / Butane Mix
Running Time: 20 mins
Operating Pressure: 20-40 PSI

This Engine setup was used in a couple of my projects. I was originally going to
enter the Steam Spider for Best of Show for RoboGames 2006. Unfortunately a
 crank broke on the spider chassis 3 days before the event, so I had to quickly hack
something together. I took the main core of the spider, and hacked a Tamiya
1/16 tank chassis to bits.... I mounted the clutch backwards to support
the engine, as well as raised it higher for a triangular tread configuration.
The remaining chassis were cut, giving it a compact look. It reminded me of
a trilobite, being so tough and short, so I made an aluminum head
and tail for it :)



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