SwashBot 1
Gold Medal winner for "Best of Show" at RoboGames 2008!

SwashBot1 Build videos!

Spektrum DX7 system w/ servos    OR     DX6i
These systems comes with transmitter and receiver. FYI in the video I am using AR6000 receiver, which is different than the one that comes with the above systems.
1 or  4
Sub micro servo. You need a total of four. DX7 system comes with three, so you'd only need one more. DX6i does not come with any servos, so you'd need four. Micro servos will also work.
Long servo horns
Align Trex 450 linkage rod set
1 or 3
Align Trex 450 balls You need one regular ball, and one long ball, for each leg. These packs only come with one of the long balls. To save from buying three sets, you can cut small metal tubing, along with long bolts to extend the balls. You will also need three nuts to attach to the servo mounting holes (Will post where to find them soon)
Screws. These are for the leg hinge, any small screw that fits in the servo horn, and long enough for the two horns will work.

Tools & Optional
LED lights. Controllable with radio on/off.
Align Trex 450 tail blades for the "wings"
Hex driver
Lexan scissors and reamer, if you plan on using lexan/plastic body parts.
Servo tape
toy dispancer container, lexan paint, any lexan/plastic parts for the body/head

Swashbot 1 Video Featured on youtube!

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