Swashbot1 Gold medal for "Best of Show" at RoboGames 2008

engadget: (swashbot1) (tortoise) (flapper fish)

robots-dreams: (swashbot1) (swashbot 2 battling G-Dog at robogames) (swashbot3) (swashbots on Le Post) (kondo)

boingboing: (swashbot1)

gizmodo: (putter bot) (tortoise)

suicidebots: (putter bot)

makezine: (swashbot1) (swashbot3) (swashbot2) (tortoise) (dragonfly)

botjunkie (tortoise and fish) (swashbot2) bot)

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Robot Magazine article coming soon for swashbots:

Discovery Channel segment.... coming soon :)

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