Steam Rowboat Mechanism


Steam Rowboat II

The above project was just something fun to throw together with bits and pieces
of stuff that I had laying around. The mechanics and boiler sat too  high and
would not be easy to tweak to fit a hull.  I've since scrapped the project.

However, this project keeps popping back into my mind, and I
 have redesigning it in a sketch. Below is a design that I feel much more
confident about. Mechanics are simple, It should row well, but more importantly...
float :) The mechanics will not be self containing unit, as with rowboat I,
but be attached to the hull. Other mechanics & parts will be worked around
 the rowing mechanism, rather than the other way around.  This initial sketch
is just to work out some visual issues...  I'm sure that there will be lots
of mechanical issues once theory is put to the practice. I don't know if
or when I will ever get around to this project, as it just seem to be too much
 headache, too many potential problems, sinking a nice engine
being my number one concern :)

A more ambitious  idea is to make it into a multi oar rowboat, maybe 4-8
 oars? Mechanics for one set of oars vs many sets  is basically the same, just
matter of engine power. An idea also occurred to me, to make it into a
 Chinese dragon boat, with the steam exhaust routed to the dragon's nose!

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