RC Live Steam Tank 1


Engine: Wilesco D49 Marine Double Piston Steam Engine
Boiler: Mamod  SE3
Fuel: Alcohol or Solid Fuel Tablets
Chassis & Gearbox: Tamiya 1/16 (Clutch drive, aluminum chassis with metal tracks)
RC: 2 Channel Futaba
Running Time: 10-15 min per full tank of water, pressure at about  .75 - 1.5 Bars

Details & Progress:

First Tank:
The first tank that I did was a non RC tank driven by a single piston. The chassis was plastic and light, and it had plenty of speed and worked well. With the success of this tank, I decided to try and make an RC tank.

RC First Attempts:
I found an RC tank chassis that was single drive with clutch steering. I removed the motor and mounted a pulley to it.  I first tried 2 different single cylinder wilesco engines, it had too little power, and I had to gear it down to a snail crawl for it to work, using a large pulley. These were not self starting engines, so they had no forward and reverse RC control.

RC Full Control:
After proven that it can be done, I tried a wilesco D49 double piston engine. It worked, but the double piston was using up too much steam for the vertical boiler to keep up.

Horizontal Boiler:
I next tried a wilesco horizontal boiler, which worked a lot better. Over the weeks of tweaking, this old boiler died on me.

Final Tank:
So I ended up using a mamod boiler with superheater.  After everything was working, the pipes were soldered, with
the steam exhaust routed back to the smoke stack, above the boiler.

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