R/C Steam Centipede

R/C steampunk centipede robot with 32 legs!


Engine: 2X Wilesco D49 Marine Double Piston Steam Engines
Boiler: Mamod  SE3
Fuel: Alcohol
Chassis & Legs: Gakken Centipede
Other: Meccano parts and Sprockets
RC: 2 Channel Futaba
Running Time: 10-15 min @ .75 - 1.5 Bar

Details & Progress:

Start of the centipede:
I took a Gakken centipede kit, and mounted 2 Wilesco D49 marine steam engines on it.
 After many unsuccessful attempts of trying to use the gearbox, I ended up
using a pulley system.
I tried using a small Unit marine boiler, which proved to not provide enough steam.
The Mamod SE3 boiler, along with gearing it down once more, did the trick.
Mini servos were attached right on the engine

Body Work:
Once it was working, I used sheet metal and fire resistant paint for the body work.

Final Centipede:
I then upgraded the centipede to sprockets and chains, replacing all of the pulleys. In the process of
making it structurely sound for the sprockets, I had to remove the cab.... form follows function. I also
 blew out the mini servos, so I replaced it with standard servos and mounted on the chassis, rather than
on the engine.


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