Steam Tank "Lobster"
RC steam powered tank


Engine / Boiler: Regner Midi Marine Plant
Chassis: Tamiya 1/16 clutch driven tank
Fuel: Propane / Butane mix
Operating Pressure: 30-40 PSI
Running Time: 20 Min


The Chassis:

So I'm a sucker for tanks, this is one of several steam tanks that I've made.
 I've gained a lot of experience with each tank, and this is the best running
 r/c steam tank that I've made so far. As usual, I used an old & used
 Tamiya 1/16 tank chassis with clutch drive for skid steering. Electric motor
 was removed, and Regner steam engine just barely fit into that space.
Bottom of the aluminum chassis were cut a bit to mount the engine.
The compact Regner Midi boiler and gas tank fits nicely into the
middle of the chassis, giving it good balance, as well as room to spare
 for the R/C gear. I fitted the Steam Lobster Tank with a 3 channel radio
control system; one for steering, one for engine's forward
and reverse / throttle, and one for the steam whistle.

old Tamiya 1/16 Tank

The Body:
Once the mechanics were worked out, I tackled on making a body for the tank.
I wanted a SteamPunk, organic, and marine inspired body for this tank,
so I did some quick sketches of different ideas. One thing that I wanted
to keep for sure was the lobster tail engine enclosure at the end of
the tank. Initial drawings had guns & turrets, but I ended up canning
the idea after building up the head of the tank. I liked the bare head
of the tank, reminds me of submarines. The body is made from aluminum
 sheet  metal plates, it was fairly easy to cut and shape. Nuts and bolts were
used to secure it all together, making sure that none of the body work interferes
 with the mechanics inside of the tank. 

Concept doodles for the body

Aluminum Sheet metal body

Underside of the body

Once the body work was done, paint was applied
(heat resistant spray paint), and railing fitted.
The brass rails & port holes came from model boat
fittings, and ties the whole thing together pretty well.
Final body work

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