Groups, Forums, and Resources

Toy Steam
 A great group, bunch of toy steamheads, the best resource for toy steam engines and accessories

Live Steam : My Large Scale
A forum for live steam nuts, mostly for live steam locomotives

Live Steam : The Home Machinist
Forum for Machinists & steam engines, beautiful combination
RC Universe
 Forum for anything RC
Brass Goggles
Awesome blog, info & review of everything SteamPunk related

Steam Model Paradise
Great Database of steam engines

Steampunk on Wikiepdia
Resource for Steampunk

Make Magazine Blog
Daily display of inventors and hackers of all types

Robot Magazine
a magazine for anything Robotic

Inventor Friends:

R/C clutches & tanks By Iliya
Amazing clutches and high power tanks from Iliya

Mechanical Spider, Klann Reasearch and Development, LLC
The most amazing mechinical leg designs by Joe

The Internet Craftsmanship Museum
Joe Martin foundation for exceptional craftsmanship. Impressive and inspiring group of machine artists

David Wegmuller
David's a Steam & lego wiz... check out his Maximod and amazing Lego creations

Steam Collectors

Odilon's collection of Bowman, Jensen and other Engine

Check out his book! a must for all steam nuts. Steam engine Mods, and RC steam toys!

Steve's Steam engines
Impressive collection of steam engines

John's museum
Amazing collection of rare steam engines

John Chapman's steam engines
Great collection of bowman, mamod, and other fine engines

Casey's Creations
Wonderful young steam collector and inventor... check out his steam powered gameboy!

Roger's Steam toys
Photos and videos of Roger's steam collection

Where to buy

Train Dept
US supplier of Regner Steam Engines, super engines, super service!!!

station 500
The best prices around for wilesco products

 Good dealer in the USA, of lots of steam engines to choose from

Great auction site to find.... anything

Forest Classics
Great UK site for steam engine spares & burners

Girders and Gears
Great place to find Meccano sets and spares, plus an impressive gallery

Impressive database of meccano parts from the UK


Monahan Steam Models

Regner Steam Engines

Steamco Steam Engines

Wilesco Steam Engines

Jensen Steam Engines

Stuart Steam Engines 

Mamod Steam Engines

Meccano / Erector sets

Tamiya R/C & Kits


Maker Faire


National Summer Steamup

My Sites:

Crabfu Art & Animation- My Art and Animation Web site
Crabfu SteamWorks - My Steam Web site
Crabfu MotionWorks - My electric bots