I-Wei Huang
867-5309 eee-aye
7th House on the left side,
with the tree in front

Objective: To never write a serious resume again.

Work Experience:

The Seafood Connection                                                               2002 - present
Crab Trainer

UN Spacy                                                                                            2001 - 2002
Double Agent

Drunken Donkey Dojo                                                                    2000 - 2001
Supplies Coordinator

Viagra Labs                                                                    1999 - present
Test Subject (double-blind study)

32nd and B Street                                                           1996 - 1997
Crack Dealer

Lamont Mathematics Lab                                                          1994 - 1996
Abacus Technician Specialist

Safe Asian Driver's School                                                             1989-1993
Assistant teacher

Lake Erie Bait Shop                                                        1986-1987
Worm Counter

Mr. Chink's Fortune Cookie Factory                                1979-1984
Cookie Stuffer
Assistant Fortune Writer

Mazinger Z Base                                                             1978-1979
Test Pilot


University of Yoni
BA degree in Biology - Specializing in snail trails.
Yoni, CA

Vancouver Clown School
BS degree in BS
Vancouver, BC Canada

Software Skills: Maya, Softimage, Max, Photoshop, Sketchbook pro, Premiere, WordPad, Minesweeper, Tetris.

Other Skills:
Hacky sack master, pencil sharpener expert, and I am a ninja in training.


Tony Little: 1-800-342-0499

Ron Popeil: 1-800-486-1806

Matthew "The Question Mark Guy" Lesko: 1-800-955-7693

Jay "The Juiceman" Kordich: 1-800-694-8873

Richard Simmons: 1-800 516-7106

Billy Blanks: 1-877-823-2648

Miss Cleo: 1-800-788-5275 (she's waiting for your call)